January 2, 2013 Meeting


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Mrs. Stagliano stated that an Executive Session was held prior to this meeting to discuss personnel matters.  Christmas Tree pick-up will be held Saturday, January 12th in the Borough.

ROLL CALL:  Stagliano, Mann, MacDonald, Rees, Keenan, Tulio & Braun

Also present were Borough Manager, Geoff Thompson, Police Chief Bart Bucher, David Leh, Borough Engineer, Mark Hosterman, Borough Solicitor, and Mayor Stagliano.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the December 5, 2012 meeting minutes; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 7-0.


Streets, Roads, Lighting Committee: No Report.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve check numbers 9506 through 9574, including transfers, as listed; seconded by Mr. Rees.  Motion carries 7-0.

Mr. Mann reported that the beginning balance in the General Fund Checking was $56,030.51, deposits/credits $368,454.20, disbursements totaled $392,295.91, leaving an ending balance of $32,188.80.  Total funds available in all accounts are $435,301.87. 

MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 7-0. 


Mr. Keenan reported that CTMA had a rare opportunity for an interesting meeting.  Public Works recently constructed a fence around the compost site.  Residents showed up stating that it was unattractive.  Public Works has decided to do a full landscaping plan to buffer the fence and compost from the neighbors.  The budgets were finalized and Trappe Borough approved the increase in the sewer and water rates.  The meeting dates were approved and advertised and the meetings will be held in Collegeville this year.


Planning Commission:  Mr. Thompson reported that the Planning Commission reviewed the Land Development plan for the re-construction of the McDonalds at the Collegeville Shopping Center.


Michael Jay, Bohler Engineering and Bill Zacarella, McDonald’s representative, discussed the land development.  Re-construction will be starting approximately September 2013 through December 2013.

MOTION by Mr. Mann to adopt Resolution No. 2013-01, Approval of McDonald’s Preliminary/Final Land Development Plan, seconded by Mr. MacDonald.  Motion carries 7-0.

CPVRPC:  No Report.

Parks Committee: No Report.

Public Safety Committee: Ms. Tulio reported that she met with representatives from the Fire Company on December 12th.  They will be meeting quarterly.

Facilities Committee: No Report. 

Personnel Committee: No Report.

Business Liaison Committee: No report. 

CEDC Activities: Rachael Morrison reported that the Yoga Bar is now open, as is Lou’s Too and Main Street Nutrition.  An Indian Restaurant will be opening in February.  The Holiday House Tour was on December 15th.  Two hundred eighty people went through the houses; about $3,000.00 was made on the house tours.  Also met with Jack and David to help move forward with the Perkiomen Bridge Hotel.  Also working with Susquehanna Bank on a movie night at the park sometime in June or July.


Engineer: Mr. Leh reported that it was a quiet month other than the McDonalds.  Nothing else to report. 

Solicitor: No Report. 

Manager / Zoning Officer:  No Report.

Police:  Chief Bucher gave the report; report on file. 

Fire: Report on file. 

Ambulance Report:  No Report

Junior Councilmember:  Ms. Cavanagh reported that the Middle School is rehearsing for the musical, Peter Pan.  The High School will be doing Funny Girl.  The High School cheerleaders cheered in Florida.

Mayor:  No Report.

MOTION by Ms. Tulio to approve Committee and Administrative Reports; seconded by Mr. Mr. Keenan.  Motion carries 7-0.

Public Discussion

Andy Feick, Ursinus College – Ursinus College had a Crisis Management Exercise on December 19th.  The Fire Department, Police and Ambulance attended.

Rowan stated that it is not logical to have trash collection on one holiday when you don’t have trash collection on every other holiday during the year.

Jim Traupman, Collegeville – January 1st collection was on the Borough Website.

Frank Lapore, Collegeville – Are we going to have Trash Collection on holidays?


Consideration of the Contribution Agreement with Ursinus College – Mrs. Stagliano explained that this is a monetary five-year contribution agreement to compensate for Ursinus College’s tax-exempt status.

MOTION by Ms. Tulio to approve the Ursinus College Contribution Agreement; seconded by Mr. Mann.  Motion carries 7-0.

Consideration of Ordinance No. 555, Approving Penalty, Interest and Fee Schedule for the Collection of Delinquent Real Estate Taxes – Mrs. Stagliano stated that this ordinance authorizes the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau to collect the delinquent taxes.  This takes effect retroactively to January 1, 2013.

MOTION by Mr. MacDonald to approve Ordinance No. 555, authorizing the Montgomery County Tax Claim Bureau to collect delinquent taxes and set an interest and fee schedule; seconded by Mr. Mann.  Motion carries 7-0.

Consideration of the Following Appointments:

Zoning Hearing Board – Robert Rodenberger, 3-year term

Civil Service Commission – James Calving, 6-year term

Vacancy Board – Brian Dubas, 1-year term

LPVRSA – Terrie Stagliano, 5-year term

MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the above appointments; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 7-0.



There being no additional business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 7:55 PM.

Respectfully submitted,



Geoffrey D. Thompson,