March 6, 2013 Meeting


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

ROLL CALL:  Stagliano, Mann, MacDonald, Rees, Keenan, Tulio & Braun

Also present were Borough Manager, Geoff Thompson, Police Chief Bart Bucher, David Leh, Borough Engineer, Andy Freimuth, Borough Solicitor, Mayor Stagliano and Junior Council Person Margaret Cavanaugh.

Two representatives from Plymouth Township Supervisors, along with Plymouth Township’s Police Chief, thanked Chief Bucher and the Collegeville Police Department for their help during the tragedy of the shooting of Plymouth Township Police Officer Brad Fox. 

Mrs. Stagliano also noted that there was an executive session before the meeting.  No votes were taken.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the February 6, 2013 meeting minutes; seconded by Mr. Rees.  Motion carries 7-0.


Streets, Roads, Lighting Committee: No Report.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve check numbers 9640 through and including 9700, along with transfers, as listed; seconded by Mr. Rees.  Motion carries 7-0.

Mr. Mann reported that the beginning balance in the General Fund Checking was $45,340.69, deposits/credits $156,111.56, disbursements, including transfers, totaled $181,895.26, leaving an ending balance of $19,556.69.  Total funds available in all accounts are $262,952.13. 

MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Ms. Rees.  Motion carries 7-0. 


Mr. Keenan reported that they have approved a lawyer to look at the language of the CTMA By Laws to include the ability of the Authority to loan money to the Boroughs.  Also, Public Works approved the landscaping plan for the compost site.   

Planning Commission:  No Report.

CPVRPC:  Mr. Keenan reported that they looked at the county wide riparian buffer requirements to prepare for future MS4 requirements.  Also circulated a new draft of the comprehensive plan to all of the member planning commissions to review.

Parks Committee: No Report.

Public Safety Committee: Ms. Tulio reported that the Committee met last month and had a very positive meeting.    

Facilities Committee: No Report. 

Personnel Committee: No Report.

Business Liaison Committee: Ms. Tulio will be attending the next meeting of the CEDC on the 3rd Tuesday of next month.  Mr. MacDonald went to the meeting.

CEDC Activities: Brian Dubas gave the report.  The Rubber Ducky Regatta will be held May 4th on the grounds of the Perkiomen Bridge Hotel.  He met with Chief Bucher and Mr. Thompson to discuss the details.  There will also be a Community Day at on the campus of Ursinus College and Movies in the Park this summer.  They will also be posting on their website a list of vacant commercial properties in Collegeville. 

MOTION by Mr. MacDonald to approve the Rubber Ducky Regatta event with Collegeville Borough listed as an additional insured on the CEDC insurance policy; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 7-0. 


Engineer: Mr. Leh reported that preparation for the paving specs for this year’s project has continued.  This should go out to bid in April.  Mr. Mann stated that the water company wants to complete the loop of the water main on Fourth Avenue from Main Street to Chestnut Street.  This will be done before the paving project. 

Solicitor: No Report. 

Manager / Zoning Officer:  Mr. Thompson handed out an appeal to the Zoning Hearing Board for Council to look at.  It is a request for a flower tent to be put up in the Collegeville Shopping Center parking lot.  The requestor is appealing Mr. Thompson’s decision as Zoning Officer of not meeting the parking requirements.

MOTION by Mr. Keenan to send a letter of support of the Zoning Officer’s decision to the Zoning Hearing Board; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 7-0.

Also, the annual snowplowing contract will expire at the end of April.  Mr. Thompson needs to know how Borough Council would like to handle the bidding of this contract.  It seems that Trappe Borough has some problems with the billing and contractor performance.  He would like to go out to bid without Trappe. 

MOTION by Mr. MacDonald to bid individually for the annual snowplow contract for next year; seconded by Mr. Braun.  Motion carries 7-0.

Police:  Chief Bucher gave the report; report on file. 

Fire: Gary Sassaman gave the report.  Report on file. 

Ambulance Report:  Renee Sullivan gave the report.  Report on file.

Junior Councilmember:  No Report.

Mayor:  No Report.

MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve Committee and Administrative Reports; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 7-0.

Public Discussion:

Andy Feick, Ursinus College – Back in September the Borough approved the dates for Commencement; is there anything that he needs to do as far as the road closure approval with PennDOT.


Consideration of the 2013 CDBG Program Application – Mr. Thompson explained that the Borough is eligible to apply for the 2013 Community Development Block Grant.  He is looking at putting ramps at Chestnut Street and Park Avenue and Claymont Drive and Park Avenue. 

MOTION by Mr. MacDonald to authorize Mr. Thompson to apply for the Community Development Block Grant; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 7-0. 

Consideration of Appointing Mark Highley as a Deputy Fire Marshall

MOTION by Mr. Mann to appoint Mark Highley as a Deputy Fire Marshall; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 7-0. 



There being no additional business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 8:16 PM.

Respectfully submitted,



Geoffrey D. Thompson,