May 1, 2013 Meeting


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

ROLL CALL:  Stagliano, Mann, Rees, Keenan, Tulio, Braun; MacDonald absent

Also present were Borough Manager, Geoff Thompson, Police Chief Bart Bucher, David Leh, Borough Engineer, Mark Hosterman, Borough Solicitor, Mayor Stagliano and Junior Council Person Margaret Cavanaugh.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the April 3, 2013 meeting minutes; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 6-0.

Discussion of the McDonald’s Zoning Hearing Board ApplicationMr. Thompson discussed the Variance Application for Signage.  The Bohler Engineering representative, Anthony Capinigro was present to discuss the application for additional signage for the new McDonald’s restaurant.

MOTION by Mr. Keenan to send a letter of support to the Zoning Hearing Board for the additional signage for McDonalds; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 6-0.


Streets, Roads, Lighting Committee: No Report.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve check numbers 9759 through and including 9827, along with transfers, as listed; seconded by Mr. Braun.  Motion carries 6-0.

Mr. Mann reported that the beginning balance in the General Fund Checking was $67,922.01, deposits/credits $451,040.55, disbursements 417,176.00, including transfers, leaving an ending balance of $101,786.56.  Total funds available in all accounts are $600,623.23. 

MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Mr. Braun.  Motion carries 6-0. 

CTMA/PUBLIC WORKS:  Mr. Keenan reported that they have accepted a bid for the Chestnut Street water main replacement.  SJM Construction Company was the lowest responsible bidder.  The new water meters are continuing to be installed.  The landscaping around the compost site is now completed.  Also the solicitors were asked to come up with some documents pertaining to the merger; they should be available for next month’s meeting.

Planning Commission:   No Report.

CPVRPC:  Mr. Keenan reported that the CPVRPC is circulating the revised comprehensive plan to all the member planning commissions.  They are also working on trying to organize a regional community economic development committee.

Parks Committee: Mrs. Stagliano is requesting money in next year’s budget for new playground equipment.  Racheal Morrison, Main Street Manager, reported that they are working on a bike race in which the proceeds will be given to the Borough for new playground equipment.

Public Safety Committee: Ms. Tulio reported that there will be an Open House at the Collegeville Fire Company this Sunday from 12:00 to 4:00.  There will also be a prescription drug drop-off point during this time.    

Facilities Committee: No Report. 

Personnel Committee: No Report.

Business Liaison Committee: Ms. Tulio reported that the Rubber Ducky race will be Saturday, 5/4/13. 

CEDC Activities: Ms. Morrison reported that the Community Day was this past Saturday.  There are not many rubber ducks left for the race.  They have a new website; also the banners are up. 


Engineer: Mr. Leh reported that the bids have been opened for this year’s paving project.  E.J. Brenneman was the lowest bidder at $101,926.50.  Chestnut Street between Fourth Avenue and Park Avenue, as well as, the full length of Chestnut Street Extension.    Mr. Leh recommends going awarding the contract to the lowest bidder, E. J. Brenneman.

MOTION by Mr. Mann to award the Paving Project Bid to E.J. Brenneman for the price of $101,926.50; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 6-0.

This project will not happen until about late August or September as this will be following the water line project on Chestnut Street.  Revised plans for the Glenwood project have been received and it will be on the May Planning Commission Agenda.

Solicitor: Solicitor Hosterman reported that the Monument Project at Glenwood plans were reviewed and a resolution was prepared.  Some changes were addressed and he worked with the applicant on an extension of time to consider final approval.   

Manager / Zoning Officer:  Mr. Thompson reported that he handed out street sweeping bids.  Two bids were received.  The low bid was from R&S Sweeping at $97.50 per hour. 

MOTION by Mr. Mann to award the 2013 Street Sweeping Bid to R&S Sweeping for $97.50 per hour; seconded by Mr. Braun.  Motion carries 6-0.

Also, the Borough’s Association Dinner is being held on May 23, 2013 at the Woodside Lodge.  Collegeville is hosting with Trappe and Schwenksville.

Police:  Report on file. 

Fire: Report on file. 

Ambulance Report:  Report on file.

Jr. Council Member Report:  Ms. Cavanaugh reported that there has been an Art Show at the High School the past two days.  Also, this past Friday, Shattered Dreams was held.

Mayor:  Mayor Stagliano noted that he would like to proclaim June 8th as Perkiomen Sojourn Day.  Mr. Keenan explained what the Perkiomen Sojourn Day is. 

MOTION by Ms. Tulio to approve Committee and Administrative Reports; seconded by Mr. Braun.  Motion carries 6-0.

Public Discussion:

Elaine Johnson, Perkiomen Valley Library:  Thanked Borough Council for their support of the Perkiomen Valley Library.

Jim Traupman, E. Ninth Avenue:  Was the one of the votes at the LPVRSA on behalf of CTMA?  CTMA voted unanimously to support Alternate 1C.

Mrs. Stagliano explained the LPVRSA meeting votes. 


Consideration of the PMRS Municipal Pension Plan Ordinance No. 557 – Mr. Thompson explained this ordinance.  The Borough is required to re-adopt this ordinance for PMRS to be IRS qualified.

MOTION by Mr. Mann to adopt Ordinance No. 557, PMRS Municipal Pension Plan; seconded by Mr. Keenan.  Motion carries 6-0.

Consideration of the Website Design Proposals – Mr. Thompson explained that there is money in the budget this year to update the borough website.  He spoke with two companies.  Mr. Kettinger currently works with our IT guy.  Mr. Kettinger fees are $4,000.00.  Site Cats fees came in a $10,200.00.  Mr. Thompson recommends Mr. Kettinger.

MOTION by Mr. Keenan to approve Mr. Kettinger to update the Borough website for a fee of $4,000.00; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 5-1with Mr. Mann voting no. 


Discussion of Arcola Road Bridge Replacement – Mr. Thompson explained this.  He attended a meeting with Chief Bucher and Mr. Leh at Lower Providence Township to discuss detour routes and they received more information on the bridge replacement.  The bridge will be replaced in 2014-15.  The bridge is now on a six-month inspection cycle and the weight limit has been reduced to three tons.  The next inspection is scheduled for August of 2013.

COMMENTS FOR THE GOOD OF COUNCIL – Mr. Rees invited Borough Council members to ride in his Model A Ford in the Memorial Day Parade.

There being no additional business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 8:23 PM.

Respectfully submitted,



Geoffrey D. Thompson,