June 5, 2013 Meeting


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

ROLL CALL:  Stagliano, Mann, Rees, Keenan, Braun, MacDonald; Tulio absent

Also present were Police Chief Bart Bucher, David Leh, Borough Engineer, Mark Hosterman, Borough Solicitor, Mayor Stagliano and Junior Council Person Margaret Cavanaugh.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the May 1, 2013 meeting minutes; seconded by Mr. Braun.  Motion carries 6-0.


Streets, Roads, Lighting Committee: Mr. Mann reported that the water main replacement on Fourth Avenue and Chestnut Street has started.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve check numbers 9828 through and including 9885, along with transfers, as listed; seconded by Mr. Rees.  Motion carries 6-0.

Mr. Mann reported that the beginning balance in the General Fund Checking was $151,786.56, deposits/credits $685,753.27, disbursements $732,643.66, including transfers, leaving an ending balance of $104,896.17.  Total funds available in all accounts are $1,194,054.19. 

MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Mr. Rees.  Motion carries 6-0. 

CTMA/PUBLIC WORKS:  Mr. Keenan stated that the water meter replacement is going well; the water main project is also going well and has started on time.  Also, CTMA voted on an amendment to the by-laws to expand lending to both boroughs. 

Planning Commission:   Mr. Leh reported that the rezoning request for Ursinus was discussed.

CPVRPC:  Mr. Keenan noted that the Regional Comprehensive Plan has been circulated to the municipalities.

Parks Committee: Mrs. Stagliano reported the first concert will be Thursday, June 13th at 7:00 p.m.  Phunkadelphia will perform. 

Public Safety Committee: Mr. MacDonald reported that they were given an update on the Fire Company’s Open House and their on-going recruiting efforts.  Mr. Sassaman stated that their training is continuing.      

Facilities Committee: No Report. 

Personnel Committee: No Report.

Business Liaison Committee: No Report.

CEDC Activities: Ms. Morrison reported that the Movie in the Park will be June 16th.  The next movie will be in Trappe.  Have asked Ursinus about using their front lawn for the Community Yard Sale.  The website is going extremely well and the membership is also going well.  The banners and baskets are up on Main Street.


Engineer: Mr. Leh reported that he has received and is reviewing the Subdivision Application for 231 Park Avenue, which will be a three-lot subdivision.  The paving is done on Claymont Drive and he is anticipating a request for dedication soon.

Solicitor: Solicitor Hosterman reported that he has worked on drafting an R3 Zoning amendment ordinance.   

Manager / Zoning Officer:  No Report.   

Police:  Report on file.

MOTION to close Main Street from Third Avenue to Ninth Avenue for the Collegeville Fire Company Car Show on August 11, 2013 with a rain date of August 18, 2013; seconded by Mr. Rees.  Motion carries 6-0.

Fire: Report on file.  Mr. Sassaman introduced Doug Miller from the Collegeville Fire Company.

Ambulance Report:  Report on file.

Jr. Council Member Report:  Ms. Cavanaugh reported that the Community Arts Festival was featured in the Perkiomen Valley Yearbook; PV also implemented an anonymous tip line.

Mayor:  No Report.

MOTION by Mr. Keenan to approve the Committee and Administrative Reports; seconded by Mr. Mann.  Motion carries 6-0.

Public Discussion:

Rachael Morrison, CEDC - Is there anything that can be done to stop the tent people from coming into Collegeville?


Consideration of Scheduling a Public Hearing Regarding the Ursinus College Rezoning Request

MOTION by Mr. Mann to schedule a public hearing for the Ursinus College Rezoning Request on July 3, 2013 and prepare ordinance to advertise and amend the zoning map; seconded by Mr. Keenan.  Motion carries 6-0.

Consideration of an R3 District Zoning Ordinance Amendment

MOTION by Mr. Mann to send the R3 District Zoning Ordinance Amendment to the Planning Commission and schedule a hearing and advertise for July 3, 2013; seconded by Mr. Keenan.  Motion carries 6-0.

OTHER BUSINESS – Mrs. Stagliano gave a Regional Sewer Authority update.


There being no additional business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,



Geoffrey D. Thompson,