March 5, 2014 Meeting


CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM.

Mrs. Stagliano noted that there was an executive session prior to this meeting to discuss legal and personnel matters.

ROLL CALL:  Stagliano, Mann, Keenan, Tulio, Braun, Kernen, Rees

Also present were Borough Manager, Geoffrey Thompson, Police Chief Bart Bucher, Mayor Stagliano, and Solicitor Joe Clement.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the February 5, 2014 Meeting minutes, as corrected; seconded by Ms. Kernen.  Motion carries 7-0.


Streets, Roads, Lighting Committee: Mr. Mann reported that PennDOT is doing a really poor job on Main Street.  Also, the smart traffic light is still learning; it’s very confusing.


MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve check numbers 10351 up to and including10405; seconded by Mr. Rees.  Motion carries 7-0

The beginning balance in the General Fund checking account was $41,925.36; disbursements were $169,511.91; receipts were $237,430.96 leaving a balance of $109,844.41.  Total funds available are $600,701.78.

MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the Treasurer’s Report; seconded by Ms. Tulio.  Motion carries 7-0. 

CTMA/PUBLIC WORKS:  Report on File.  Mr. Keenan stated that bids were awarded for chlorine contact piping.  Discussed the Nextel lease; there are a lot of issues going on with the cell towers.  There are some underperforming bonds that are actually losing money; are looking at other places to move the money.  Also, passed Resolution 2014-01, to amend the CTMA bylaws to change the meeting night.

Planning Commission:   Mr. Thompson reported that the Planning Commission met; two items were discussed at the meeting, the Professional Services Agreement Ordinance and the revised MS4 Storm Water Ordinance.

CPVRPC:  Ms. Kernen reported that she attended the Regional Planning Commission meeting on February 17th.    The Regional Economic Development meeting was held on February 25th

Parks Committee: Mrs. Stagliano reported that the concert schedule is being finalized. 

Public Safety Committee:   Ms. Tulio reported that they met in February; will be formally asking the Borough to look at the issue of street crossings at Ursinus College.  Also the police negotiations are continuing.

Facilities Committee: No Report. 

Personnel Committee: No Report.   


EngineerMr. Leh reported that he has worked on putting the paving specs together for this year’s paving project.  This will be from Eighth Avenue to the Upper Providence Township line.  Once the snow melts we will be sending out our crew to do a survey for the CDBG grants.  This will be for handicap ramps at Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue.

Solicitor: Mr. Clement reported that they have been working on the Nextel lease termination agreement.

MOTION by Mr. Mann to approve the Nextel Lease Termination Agreement; seconded by Mr. Rees.  Motion carries 7-0.

Manager / Zoning OfficerMr. Thompson reported that the newsletter deadline is March 21, 2014 for submission of any articles.

Police:  Report on file.   

Bob Botti –Stated the he contacted the police on the issue of feral cats.

Fire: Report on file. 

Ambulance Report:  Report on file. 

Jr. Council Member Report:  No Report

Mayor:  No Report.

MOTION by Ms. Tulio to approve the Committee and Administrative Reports; seconded by Mr. Braun.  Motion carries 7-0.

Public Discussion:  

Andy Feick, Ursinus College – There is a conference at the college on April 11 and 12 regarding Pandemic Disease Preparedness.  He agrees with Mr. Mann on the condition of Main Street.  It is in rough shape.  Also, Ninth Avenue is getting pretty torn up.  What is the Borough’s plan?

Bob Botti – Asked to clarify meeting notes from last month.


Consideration of Ordinance No. 567, Professional Services Agreements – Mr. Clement reviewed this Ordinance.   This ordinance will permit the borough to have developers sign Professional Services Agreement to ensure that any professional services fees incurred by the borough are reimbursed by the developer.  This ordinance is an amendment to the Sub Division/Land Development Ordinance.

Meeting opened for public comments.  No public comments; public hearing is closed for public comments.  A motion is now needed for this Ordinance.

MOTION by Ms. Tulio to adopt Ordinance No. 567, Professional Services Agreements; seconded by Mr. Mann.  Motion carries 7-0

Consideration of Ordinance No. 568, Revised MS4 Storm Water Ordinance – Mr. Leh discussed this ordinance.  This is renewed every five years.  

MOTION by Ms. Tulio to adopt Ordinance No. 568, Revised MS4 Storm Water Ordinance with the 5,000 square foot disturbance exemption amendment; seconded by Mr. Mann.  Motion carries 7-0.

Consideration of the Road Closure Request for the May 16th Ursinus Commencement – Chief Bucher discussed this.  This has already been approved for three years.  Main Street will be closed between 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  A motion is needed for this year’s closure.

MOTION by Mr. Mann approving the road closure request on May 16th for the Ursinus Commencement; seconded by Mr. Braun.  Motion carries 7-0.


COMMENTS FOR THE GOOD OF COUNCIL – Ms. Kernen gave the CEDC report. They were asked to meet on a regular basis with Chief Bucher and Geoff Thompson.  The Memorial Parade was discussed.  Also discussed the parking and traffic situation with Chief Bucher.  This weekend concluded the Dinner and a Show with Ursinus.  Over 1,500 tickets were sold.  There will be another Dinner and a Show in April. 

There being no additional business to discuss the meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted,



Geoffrey D. Thompson,